Isabel Marant

To admit, I am not a good shoe wearer because I always wear the shoes to be broken in several months.That is a unbelievable habit to my friend but it is not really my intention.To many girls, they can wear their shoes for so long even years.But to me, it is impossible.So, I always take a long time to pick up a pair of shoes when I need a pair of new shoes.
But this time I do not need to worry about my shoes.I love Isabel Marant shoes, my last pair of Isabel Marant shoes are in the closet and I cannot wait to buy the new collection of 2014.And last pair are flat, this time I want to try the wedge ones.I saw those wedge ones from the street photos that people took the famous Hollywood stars, the Miranda Ker, Kristin Stwart and others to wear this pair of high heeled Isabel Marant sneakers.They look leisure and beauty in this pair of Isabel Marant shoes.And I am a fan of sneakers for the easy wearing.But I never think of the high heeled sneakers before I saw Isabel Marant.They totally fit to my taste and need.The clothes that I put them in the closet long time ago now can well match to this pair of Isabel Marant shoes.Another problem of me is solved by Isabel Marant shoes.
Now, I tell my friends that I do not need to buy shoes every season for my feet.The Isabel Marant will be my best companies with all the occasions and clothes.I am fan of Isabel Marnat!
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