Moncler opened the first shop in Moscow

Moncler has a new member in its global family.The first shop of Moncler in Russian was chose to open in Moscow this year.The highly cared shop of Moncler was located on the Stoleshnikov Street in Moscow city.The area of single floor took one hundred and twenty square meters , there are Moncler Gamme Rouge women collections, Moncler Gamme Bleu men’s collections, Mocler Grenoble professional hiking and ski series, Moncler main collections and Moncler Enfant collections.Besides those women and men’s collections Moncler accessories, Moncler leather collection and Mocler Lunettes Glass Collection.
The shop owns a happy shopping environment.The decoration of the new store is elegant and delicate.The style of Moncler with luxury Montage is good connected to the tradition of Moncler perfectly.The gray
Marble floor and French smoked oak wall are the best couple to show Moncler.The presenting area is made by glass and metal to show the unique luxury style of Moncler.Moncler’s new shop in Moscow states Moncler’s big step in the East European market.said as the president of Moncler.The spirit of our brand is well match to the most famous mountain of Russia as Alps.Our movement in Russica means our span in the market.And we had a survey and we knew from the survey that Russian people like to buy Moncler products when they travel abroad.That could see how favor Russian people to Moncler.So we decided to open the store in Moscow.We are confident with our product in Moncler.
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