Nike Air

To wear suit with leather shoes is the best standard to describe the fashion gentlemen in our time.But with the changing of our age, the shoes of the suit now are change as the same.It is a new fashion now to wear suit with a pair of sneakers to those gentlemen.Today, we can talk about which kinds of sneakers are good to fit to the suit.
If you choose a suit coat which is good to the official occasion, you can pick a pair of trousers which are leisure and with single color to fit to the sneakers.If you choose a suit, your shoes must be simple and elegant to be worn.We strongly recommend Slio-On Shoes as the best choice, and one thing we should mention is the trousers should not too big to fit to the sneakers.17cm to 19 cm should be a best width.And wearing suit with a pair of basketball shoes is now a new trend we want to talk to you today.
The limitation between sport and high fashion is now much more vague nowadays.To wear suit with a pair of sneakers fashion must thank to the improvement of sneakers.Sneakers now are high fashion.The traditional sport brands start to cooperate with the fashion designers and fashion artists and other fashion icons who are designing the shoes for those brands.Nike cooperated with Riccardo Tisci to open a new era with high fashion to their own sneakers.Now Nike basketball shoes are not only for basketball, but also for those who want to be fashion icons on the street.
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