Isabel Marant

It is hard to know by our common people about the changes of the fashion everyday and all we can do is paying attention on the street, if you are really a fashion person, when you go to street, you will find out the latest fashion by telling the details on other people’s wearing.
And this time, you will tell from the fashion girls and women with the new Isabel Marant shoes.I think I can know the most evident detail of last year is the leather boots that all women worn on the street , long and short, with the colors changed, and the material that changed of the leather boots.And this year, I found those women were not favored to wear leather boots.They were more intended to wear Isabel Marant shoes.First I saw those Isabel Marant shoes, I did not know what’s brand of the boots.It was hard to find the answer that I never know this Isabel Marant brand before.And after one day, I saw one of the most popular famous star in China worn this pair of boots as Yaochen, then I knew it is Isabel Marant sneakers.It was just to my appetite with this pair of shoes could perfectly fit to all the clothes even with the suit.It is so hard to find a pair of boots that you do not need spend time to pick up the clothes to fit to the shoes.I am a lazy girl and they are the happiness to me as this pair of Isabel Marant shoes.And on the street, I can learn from those women to know how to fit perfectly.
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